How Cannabis Packaging Could Transform the Industry – Marijuana Stocks

Cannabis has managed to cement itself as one of the largest emerging markets in the current day. Because of the high amount of growth in this product-based market, one of the biggest runoff industries has become that of packaging. With a world that has become focused on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging, there remains a large amount of potential for smartly designed packages to infiltrate the cannabis industry.

With the legalization of cannabis across many states in the U.S., the need to create law compliant packaging to keep cannabis out of the hands of those who should not have it has been quite difficult. Packages need to meet very specific child-safety regulations as well as give a large amount of space for labeling. The packages need to do a great job of advertising as well, thus the large amount of space is needed.

One of the big players in the cannabis packaging industry has become Sun Growth Packaging. Sun Growth has devoted itself to creating unique solutions for the cannabis industry. The team has been working in the Bay Area, one of the hubs for cannabis in the country, for over 40 years. With legalization occurring for recreational pot in the beginning of the year, and medical legalization happening around 4 years prior, Sun Growth has begun to realize the large opportunity that they have to get in on this budding market. The large amount of regulatory measures on the packaging of cannabis leaves quite a high barrier for entry to most companies. Given the long history of Sun Growth, it seems like they might be up to the challenge.

One of the main components, as mentioned prior, is the fact that packaging needs to be extremely child-proof. The company has also been working with the idea of sustainability to ensure that all guidelines are met. Sun Growth has been working to create a non-plastic solution to a world that uses plastic for almost everything. The product is also highly child-resistant and can be recycled quite easily. A spokesperson recently stated that “For a lot of cannabis products, you were seeing stuff initially that wasn’t really much of a step up from that old standard, the plastic sandwich bag. These days, customers expect more sophistication. Now that there are so many options on dispensary shelves, the packaging has to do a lot more work for their company and its brand image. Packages have to convey information about the products inside and also cover the required compliance info.” Because of all of this compliance, it can often be difficult to create a design that meets all of the needs of packaging for cannabis.

One of the most important factors aside from child-proofing the packaging is the aspect of marketing. Cannabis companies want the ability to have a large amount of room to advertise their product as well as give the consumer as much information as they can on the product they are taking. The brand identity is extremely important, and this is something that Sun Growth takes highly into consideration. Sun Growth also helps in the design department, helping to create packaging that not only has a high amount of utility but also is extremely attractive and informational.

Sun Growth sees the market on cannabis packaging growing quite largely in the foreseeable future, thus the high amount of research being done on the product. Patients would like to not only know what they are getting but be sure that those who should use the product are the only ones who have access to it. With a growing industry on cannabis, the hopes are high that the packaging of the future will continue to lead to more growth in the market.

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