How Effective is Cannabis At Treating Certain Diseases? – Marijuana Stocks

Cannabis is a well-known treatment for a wide variety of diseases ranging from pain management to seizure control. With a massive amount of research being done in the field currently, it seems like marijuana has a large amount of potential to treat a wide variety of diseases.

One of the newest pieces of research shows that cannabis may be an effective treatment for fibromyalgia. With around 3 to 6 million Americans affected by the debilitating disease, it seems like the only treatment available to them currently are a series of high grade painkillers. One of the issues with these treatments is the fact that they are incredibly addicting and often do not work after a certain period of time. The problem with opiates is that often times, a patient will quickly grow a tolerance to the medicine so after a few weeks of taking it, they can quickly not feel the effects of it anymore. Other patients are given benzodiazepines, which often have the same effect and problems that opiates run into. With a raging opiate epidemic plaguing the U.S. currently, it seems like it is a step in the opposite direction to continue prescribing these harsh medicines.

Research recently concluded on the subject of using cannabis to treat fibromyalgia has shown that “medical cannabis treatment had a significant favorable effect on patients with fibromyalgia, with few adverse effects.” Other trials using the same type of drug have shown that other parts of cannabis such as the CBD molecule, also have a massive amount of potential to treat these different diseases.

Research is also being done into how cannabis can help to treat mental diseases such as schizophrenia. The link between cannabis and schizophrenia may help to treat the disease in the near future. With many different genetic traits leading to treatment using marijuana, it seems as though drugs developed using medicine derived from cannabis could become the future to treating this disease. One of the issues that comes up when using cannabis to treat schizophrenia is that very relationship that the two have. Given that cannabis affects the same system in the body that schizophrenia does, often times the use of cannabis can trigger schizophrenic episodes in individuals. The correlation seems to be quite small at around eight percent currently, but studies are coming out to show how this research could effectively help to treat the disease rather than propagate it.

One of the most promising parts of marijuana treatment for schizophrenia comes from the use of CBD. CBD is one of the components of cannabis that does not have any psychoactive effect whatsoever. Research has gone on Into showing how CBD could become a viable treatment for schizophrenia in the near future. One large study has helped to conclude that cannabis can reduce psychotic symptoms that are associated with the mentally debilitating disease of schizophrenia. According to the report “CBD also has promise in improving the difficult-to-treat negative symptoms and cognitive impairment caused by schizophrenia. Studies in animals found that CBD improved some of the negative symptoms such as social interaction deficits and working memory deficits.” The report also shows that the medicine is very well tolerated in humans, and can easily be used in the treatment of the disease.

It is clear that more research needs to be done in this sector to finish the conclusions of how cannabis can help to treat such a wide variety of diseases. The research is however, incredibly promising and continues to give light into how such a groundbreaking drug can help to treat so many popular ailments that we face in the modern day. The hopes are high that these new treatments can continue to help give patients a break.

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