Marijuana Stocks Wednesday Morning Update – November 29, 2017 – Marijuana Stocks

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Marijuana Money1The Marijuana Stock Index Gained 54% This Month

Investors continue to plant marijuana stocks into their portfolios and with the anticipation of the upcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada as well as some U.S. states which are high on profits. The Marijuana Index covers the top marijuana in both the U.S. and Canada gained seven percent on Monday. It closed at 174.82, the highest level on record with total trade volumes of $148.8 million. Canada’s index rose 11% on Monday while the U.S. index added 2.1%. The North American Index’s thirty-five components have come together for an increase of 54% in the last month, no wonder investors are loading up before legalization.

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Poll Reveals New York Supports Legalizing MarijuanaWeed Nug

A new poll commissioned by the Marijuana Policy Project Foundation and the Drug Policy Alliance has revealed that most New Yorkers want to legalize marijuana as means of solving the state’s budget issues. Sixty-two percent of voters supported legalizing marijuana use for adults 21 and older and only twenty-eight percent did not.

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marijuana-1Two Marijuana Stocks That Reported Profits This Quarter

More investors are joining the green rush. With most marijuana stocks boasting valuations over $200 million and prices seeing 100% gains or more over the last year, why wouldn’t they? Yet, not all marijuana stocks are profitable. We will discuss two Canadian marijuana companies that have been burning capital in their expansion projects, but it has led to increased sales growth and profits as well.

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