‘People Are Going to Get Over Thc and Start Developing Their Terpene Palettes,’ Predicts Neuroscientist Adie Poe

The future of cannabis connoisseurship is in terpenes—not THC, according to neuroscientist Adie Poe. The co-founder and Chief Science Officer of the research group habu health recently chatted with Civilized about life in the cannabis industry, the origin of the opioid epidemic and what she would tell Donald Trump if she got 30 seconds of his time.

What’s one prediction you have for the marijuana industry five years from now?

I think a couple of things are on their way out: People are going to get over THC, and soon. Right now, legalization is so fresh that consumers are still just shopping for the highest potency for the lowest price. It’s like if alcohol prohibition lifted, and everyone ran out to celebrate cheap moonshine.

Sure, there will still be folks who just want to get as lit as they can for as little cash as possible, but there are SO many different kinds of plants out there, that can produce SO many different kinds of subjective experiences. People are going to start lowering their doses, buying less-potent flowers, and start developing their terpene palettes. I think there is also going to be a huge shift away from combustion; It is very likely that we’ll look back one day and think, “How could we have set fire to this beautiful plant?”

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