TPS conduct large scale raid on Canna Clinic dispensary chain

Toronto Police Services conducted a large raid against the BC-based Canna Clinic chain of cannabis dispensaries today, including seven Toronto locations and three Vancouver locations. The Vancouver locations are being described as “residences,” not retail stores.

As of press time, Toronto Police Services (TPS) has yet to release any official update on the raids. Vancouver Police declined comment and deferred to Toronto Police Services. More updates from Lift as information emerges.

Similar raids were undertaken by TPS earlier this year in Project Gator, which targeted the Cannabis Culture chain of marijuana stores. Those raids saw RCMP raid Cannabis Culture locations in Vancouver in relation to their investigation.

Toronto Municipal Licensing and Services sought an injunction against Canna Clinic earlier this year. In April, the Attorney General’s office announced they were seeking a forfeiture order for nearly $600,000 seized from carry-on luggage of an alleged courier for Canna Clinic who was waiting to board a flight to Vancouver at Pearson Airport in January.

Canna Clinic lists seven Toronto locations and five Vancouver locations on their website.

Employees from one Toronto location recently unionized after an armed robbery in April made them concerned for their safety. Another Canna Clinic location was robbed in November, 2016.

Toronto Police have been conducting raids against various dispensaries since they initiated Project Claudia in May of 2016. In October, the City of Toronto published a press release stating they will be issuing closing orders to property owners of dispensaries selling edibles.

Figures from the city from last November show the city had inspected 135 dispensaries, resulting in 85 closures, laying 347 charges.

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